Manufacturing/Returns/ Refunds

Depending on the service, product, and quantity chosen, the production time might range from one business day to seven business days. Just give us a call, and we'll do all in our ability to fulfill your deadline.


For debossed style wristbands, any order with fewer than 100 quantity will be laser engraved. Since the message length on these bands cannot exceed 90mm, the message was designed to be only visible on the front of the band.

It takes one to two weeks for the printed wristbands to remain visible.

The Production Method

Since all of our wristbands are hand-cut, it is usual for the completed items to have smudges and uneven edges due to the 100% silicone used in their construction. Since the edges are created by hand, they cannot be absolutely flawless. These things are unavoidable and beyond our control.

Return Process

Please take the following actions if you believe that the supplied goods is defective for any reason:

1. Send us a brief explanation with pictures and evidence of your issue together with your product photos and order number to You will hear from our sales person in a day or two.

2. You can give us a call at, and a member of our sales team will assess the situation and, if the error is confirmed, we will replace the goods at no additional cost to you.

Return Window

We will try our best to quickly remake the order after an error has been identified. With the exception of any mistakes we made, we will complete the redone order just as you had originally intended. When processing the redo, we won't alter the product, the brand, the artwork, or the color of the imprint.

The customer has 30 days from the date of goods delivery to file a complaint throughout the whole procedure. Clients can get in touch with us regarding grievances. You must submit us a formal email complaint along with any supporting images that demonstrate the problem so we can look into it.In order to receive a complete refund, the buyer must return the entire purchase in the same amount that was supplied to him if the factory confirms the error. The package must be returned by the customer via ground delivery at his own cost.
Orders will be filled precisely according to the original order information, with faults only being fixed. The customer will get their remade order from us in 7–10 business days.
There won't be a remake if the buyer requests one, and their money will be returned in 7–10 business days.( in case of our fault)

Refund Procedure

The customer is responsible for covering the cost of returning the product via ground postage.The consumer will receive their refund in 5 to 7 working days once the reimbursement is completed upon product return and the fault has been Cost of Return Shipping is Your Responsibility

To be eligible for a full refund, the client must return the entire purchase to the business in the quantity specified on the invoice for the actual order.
 For a complete refund, the customer must return the item, covering the cost of postage.verified.

Join & Save

You will be billed on your registered payment method on a recurring basis if you want to Subscribe & Save on subsequent orders by getting the same initial item regularly at a discount. Each time you use the Subscribe & Save option, an email reminder will be sent to the email address you have on file every 48 hours prior to your next purchase being placed automatically.

The only time you may cancel your Subscribe & Save subscription is if your order hasn't been processed yet. As soon as we notify you that your next subscription is about to be paid, that's when we always start processing your purchase. We won't be able to cancel your order or give you a refund for the current Subscribe & Save order if we have already processed or sent it.