Privacy policy

In this section, it has been stated how the site collects, utilizes and discloses information from the users and visitors. This privacy policy is applicable for all products and services offered on this site.

Personal identification information

While users visit our site for various activities such as buying products, browsing through items, fill out a necessary form or using any other feature and services, we collect their personal information such as their full name, Email ID, phone or contact number, mailing address and credit card information. We have provisions of letting users visit the site anonymously as well. In case the user voluntarily submits the information to us, we store it. The right to refuse for submitting personal information is also offered to users. However, it can prevent you from accessing certain facilities of the site and also limit your activities.

Non-personal identification information

We can also collect non-personal identification information from the users or visitors of the site through various ways when they are there to utilize certain facilities, fill out forms, place an order, make a payment or browse through products. By non-personal identification information, we mean the browser name, type of personal computer you are using and various other technical information regarding the user’s connection with the site. We also gather information about the particular operating system as well as the internet service provider of the user.

Web browser cookies

For enhancing user experience and recording better response from them, we utilize web browser cookies. To keep certain important records, cookies are placed on the hard drive of the user. It can also be used for tracking purposes. However, the user has the right and provision to set up their own web browser so that they are able to refuse cookies. In cases like this, the user is also alerted when cookies are being sent. If it is done, it shall be mentioned here that some features of the site may not function properly.

How is the collected information used by us?

Our site collects personal and non-personal information from the users for the following purposes-

  • For improving customer service facilities
  • In this way, we are able to respond to customer service requests and serve them more efficiently with this information.
  • Personalization of user experience is also possible because of this.
  • To improve the site in general
  • The feedback provided to us will be utilized to improve the quality of products and services
  • For processing payments smoothly
  • While placing an order, if a user provides any information then we would be utilizing that to process that order properly. No such information is shared with external parties except to the ones who are necessary to process the order successfully
  • For running several promotions, contests, surveys or other site facilities
  • We also send relevant information to users regarding our products and services that might interest them with the help of the contact information
  • For sending regular Emails and keeping the customers updated
  • Contact information is also utilized to send important updates to the user regarding their placed orders. We might also use this information to cater to their requirements and answer their queries. In case it is decided by the user to be on the future mailing list, then certain news, updates and service information shall also be sent to them from time to time. However, the user is at the liberty to decide when they want to unsubscribe from receiving emails like this in the days to come. We also provide detailed instructions on how to unsubscribe at the bottom of each mail sent and on our site.

How is the information that has been collected from the user, protected by us?

We assure that the information that is collected from users or visitors are one hundred percent safe and never gets disclosed to any external third party or unauthorized user. Proper data collection, storage, and processing techniques along with proper security measures are adopted so that your information is not mal-handled. No alteration or destruction of important information such as username, email ID, password, the transaction history will occur and it shall be safely stored in our systems.

We utilize an SSL secured communication channel to initiate the process of sensitive and private data exchange. It is fully encrypted and protected with digital signatures.


Sharing personal information

No breach of privacy takes place through us and we do not engage in any selling, renting or trading of user’s personal identification information to any third party. Certain generic aggregated demographic information will be shared with external parties such as business partners, trusted affiliates and advertisers, that are not linked to any personal information of the user.

Changes in the privacy policy

We hold the right to update or change the privacy policy at any time. However, after doing that a notification would be posted from our end on the main page of the site along with the revised date at the bottom in order to avoid inconvenience for the users. Regular visitors are suggested to check this page for any changes and updates at regular intervals. This will help us to provide better protection to the personal information collected. The user must acknowledge and agree to the fact that the responsibility solely lies on them to review the privacy policy from time to time and get to know the modifications and updates.

Acceptance of the users

While the user opens this site and utilizes its facilities, they are automatically agreeing to the terms of service of this privacy policy. Upon any disagreement, we recommend not to use or visit the site for your convenience. Future modifications to this privacy policy will also have to be accepted by the user to continue utilizing the facilities.

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