Delivery: promises to dispatch your items by the date you've designated. Please be advised that delays resulting from the courier delivering your goods cannot be held against us.
Any revisions made to the shipping address after the purchase has been dispatched and is in transit will result in a $20 fee. The payment method that we have on file for that specific order will be immediately charged.
Rerouting a cargo is going to cost you $40. This covers packages that are returned to our facility from shipping careers that were not accepted, left unattended, or missed deliveries.

To keep the cost of delivering goods from China to the United States low, shipping is assessed on a per order basis. UPS and FedEx will raise our rates if we combine shipping, thus we will have to raise the price of our already affordable items. In situations such as these, we give 100 free bands to every order as compensation to the consumers.

There are no customs-related delays, holds, or fees that is responsible for.

It could take longer than normal for your order to be fulfilled because of the impact of COVID-19 and the higher order volume. Please get in touch with us if, by chance, your item is delayed or comes later than anticipated and you would need a complete refund; we will try our best to meet your needs. Please let us know if you would want to keep your purchase in spite of the delay or late delivery, and we will reimburse you for the shipping costs. We are grateful for your support and thank you for your understanding.

In the end, it is the customer's responsibility to confirm all information on the invoice, including the billing and delivery addresses, phone number, email address, and colour choices.

We take into account manufacturing and delivery time starting on the approval date. Delivery days do not include weekends. Depending on whether the proof is approved, the in-hand delivery date may automatically and without prior notification alter.

If a sales representative from our firm places an order, they will not be held accountable for any mistakes since we give our customers digital evidence and an order receipt; if they choose not to use those choices, they will be responsible for the account.

Any package left in our warehouse for seven days or longer will be disposed of and not be under our control.

Normal shipping:
Please be aware that your order will go into production as placed if it is not authorized or if you do not hear back from the order within 48 hours of submitting it.

Rush delivery (any turnaround time of less than or equal to six business days): Orders will be put into production as soon as they are placed, if they are not accepted within six hours.
Once the order is placed into production, it cannot be altered.
If modifications are still required, additional costs will apply based on the factory's final output.

Shipping insurance: Depending on the type and quantity of the purchase, shipping insurance will be added to each one.( if opted)
What shipping insurance will pay for is as follows:
-Misplaced orders
-Defective Orders: *If a customer calls within 24 hours of placing an order, they can decline the option of insurance coverage, in which case the sales staff will remove it.

International Clients: In their home country, customs and duty charges are the responsibility of the foreign client. Since those costs are not covered by shipping, the customer is liable for them. On customised forms, there will be no indication of a gift or a reduced value.

There may be customs charges if the shipment is being shipped internationally; they are not our responsibility to cover. These expenses will be borne by the client. For customs costs, we are not obligated to get in touch with FedEx, UPS, or other companies. These costs are entirely the customer's responsibility.

Customs/Border or any other costs incurred by FedEx, UPS, or any other courier company are not our responsibility.