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It is important for the viewer or customer to go through the terms and conditions properly once because it states the rules and regulations by which the users are bound. Our company can also modify or update this information at any time without providing any prior notice to the users. Therefore, it is necessary to review the terms and conditions from time to time.


Customers can place an order through Email or phone. All payments are considered due at the time of placing the order. All forms of payment such as Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover and Pay Pal are accepted.

We also offer our services to schools, churches, corporate organizations and similar places. A period of 30 days is provided as per all PO order’s standard payment terms. Starting from the date of providing invoice payment is to be cleared within 30 business days. The order receipt is a very important document.

However, we may deny you the right to place an order at any time according to our convenience. An additional late fee of 20% will be added if you fail to clear the payment within 30 days.

We guarantee that our order will be delivered on time, else it is free. However, it is only applicable to circumstances where the delay has not been caused by the shipping company.

We provide our items and the most competitive market price and also guarantee to beat the other company’s prices by 10% if the link and price range are provided.


We also provide innovative customization solutions for our customers. You can mail your artwork to us for approval or modifications. You must specify all the instructions and guidelines regarding your logo or brand.

Our team of professionals will be examining and making sure that the artwork is perfect and attractive enough for promotional purposes. No extra charges will be applied for these.

Same colour bands on reorders are not guaranteed by us.

No duplication services are also available. We also request a digital proof to confirm the order and will try to make it as close as possible to your requirements. If a client places an order without providing a valid digital proof, it will not be our responsibility.

It is our duty to fulfil client requirements and deliver colour-correct images that will reflect the message clearly to the customers. However, the colour clarity cannot be understood very clearly through email and website proofs.

We provide a period of 2 days to the client for requesting changes and modifications to the digital proof. After that, we will start production and make sure to finish within the given deadline. That is why it is convenience for us if customers approve their orders as soon as possible.

In the case of rush orders, maximum period of 6 hours is offered for approval. Within that time, if there is no response from the client, we shall start production immediately.

For fastest delivery, we start production after waiting for an hour to receive modifications or approvals. The customer can call in the provided customer care number to inform about the changes or modifications for proper and quick communication.

Swirl band– Fine colour coordination with shades of alternate colours

Dual-layer band– Coated with paint on the outer layer, these are glossier than the other items. It is slightly different than matt.

White and green bands will have more glowing effects than dark colour bands as they are able to absorb more light and shine in the dark.

The swirl that appears on the layout will have is just an example and the actual product will have more detailed and random colours.

After the printing is done, the bands are put into ovens for drying out. Any ink on the black colour band is supposed to change under high temperature. If this is a problem for you, we suggest to change the black colour and use a Debossed colour filled style wristband.

Oxidation may cause to change all metallic colours into something else over time.

Tattoo artwork cannot be printed from edge to edge. ¼ inch bleed around tattoo paper is to be allowed and in case you need it for the exact size, we suggest to upgrade your tattoo order by at least 1 size.

Repeat order

Our team of experienced professionals shall try their best to replicate the orders as precisely as possible but this does not come with any guarantee. Colours may vary in case of reorders which is quite natural and inevitable.


You can provide the price quotations to us in writing through email.


It takes approximately 1 to 7 business days depending on the quantity and type of services chosen. You can also call us directly to mention the deadline, we will finish the work within the given time only.

Shipping charges are not fixed and mostly depend on the quantity. You will be contacted by our team to confirm the exact amount.

We shall also specify the message length and other important details through email or phone.

The imprinted message will be visible for 1-2 weeks.

Process of production

Clients are requested not to worry about the uneven edges and smudges of silicone wristband because it is quite natural and is a part of the production procedure. Since they are all hand-cut, 100% perfection is not guaranteed.


We guarantee to ship your products on time for convenience. However, delays on the part of the carrier or shipping company are not on us and we shall not be held accountable for that.

You can also revise your shipping address after the item has already been shipped and it is in transit. However, a $20 charge is incurred for that. The charge will be double i.e., $40 for unaccepted, unattended or missed deliveries that are automatically sent back to us.

To keep the rate low on shipping products, we charge on each order because combined charges of shipping UPS and FED EX will increase the rate. Suppose this happens some times, for compensation we offer 100 free bands to our customers.

www.24hrsprinting.com shall not be held accountable for any delays due to customs.

Customer also needs to verify the invoice details such as shipping address, billing address, contact number, email address and so on.

Delivery is not done on weekends. However, we can change the in-hand delivery date because of the approval of the digital proof.

Our company sales rep will not be held liable for mistakes in the order as the order receipt is provided to the customer.

If any package stays at our warehouse for more than a week, we have the right to discard those items.

Standard delivery

If there is no update or response from the customer’s end within 2 days of placing the order, then we shall start production immediately.

Rush delivery (less than or equal to 4 business days)

We will immediately start production if there is no response within 6 hours of placing the order. Note that we cannot make any changes once it goes into production. It depends on the work that has already been completed whether we can make changes or not. Extra charges are applicable for this.

Insurance for Shipping

Shipping insurance is very important and it is added to every order depending on its size and style. It will be helping to cover lost and defective orders. Customers can contact our sales team personally within 24 hours of placing an order to waive off the insurance coverage.

International customers

It is the responsibility of international customers to handle the customs and duty fees in their respective countries. It is not included within shipping charges. We also cannot contact FedEx or UPS for extra customs fees. In case they charge any extra customs fees, we are not liable for that as well.

Duties & Taxes

Customers are responsible for customs and duty fees in their country (if any applicable )because it is not included in shipping charges.

We are not responsible to contact shipping carrier or customs fees. The customer is solely responsible for these charges.


The responsibility lies on www.24hrsprinting.com to collect all the applicable sales taxes for the state, countries and cities of Texas. We should be provided with the resale certificate by companies or individuals who are exempt from sales tax. 


The prices displayed on the website can be changed at any time without prior notice. We will make best efforts on updating the prices and respective quantities up to date. These are mostly depended on actual market conditions.

www.24hrsprinting.com possesses the right to refuse any orders that are by mistake listed under the incorrect price due to an error. That will also enable you to choose from the correct set of prices and quantities.

We do not consider non-verbal quotes as valid. Only written quotes are acceptable. We also price match with Google verified companies.

Additional information

There is no such way of using keychains as wristbands since they are solely for attachment purpose. We utilize the laser cut process to manufacture less than 100 pieces and, in this process, the text cannot be engraved deep. The internal message cannot be in a different colour though.

If we mix or blend 2 or more colours, then a third new colour is to more likely to be produced. We recommend the segmented style over swirl due to the randomness of colours. It becomes more eye-catching this way. If it is not specified by the customer, the imprinted message can be placed on any colour and any segment band style. The preview is only for reference. Selection of font, colours and after-effects are entirely the customer’s responsibility.

Copyright Notice

All the content that appears on www.24hrsprinting.com website including headlines, page headers, illustrations, images, graphics and all the text are subject to trademark, copyright and other intellectual property license. The logo used by www.24hrsprinting.com is a registered trademark of the company. Under the USA copyright laws, we have copyrights of this entire content as a collective work. Copyright is also owned in the selection, coordination and arrangement of content.

The users of our site utilize the content of this website for personal and non-commercial purposes. Selection parts of the content may be downloaded, saved or printed under the following circumstances-

if these copies are utilized for personal and non-commercial purpose as stated earlier,
the content cannot be copied, posted or broadcasted on any network or media,
the content shall not be modified or altered in any way, neither the trademark or copyright notice can be changed or deleted.

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