Contractor Memo Calendar, Patriotic

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Contractor Memo Calendar, Patriotic

The Contractor Memo Calendar, Patriotic is a 12-sheet business planner which contains date blocks containing faintly ruled lines along with symbols denoting Julian dates. The remaining days in the year, work days remaining without Sunday & Saturday are marked in the calendar.  Enjoy guaranteed lowest price on this attractive and affordable promotional item.

Key features of Contractor Memo Calendar, Patriotic

  • 12-sheet commercial calendar and business planner
  • Each date block has ruled lines for note-taking
  • Price includes custom imprint on top of the calendar
  • December top sheet (13th sheet) included
  • Holidays and important dates are marked
  • Includes elapsed workdays, remaining workdays and remaining days in the year
  • Sturdy loop for hanging
  • Guaranteed lowest price

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