Contractor Memo Calendar, Blue & Black

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Contractor Memo Calendar, Blue & Black

Our customized 12-sheet business planner is one of the most useful promotional items for any business or company. It is used in most industries and contains date blocks with faintly ruled lines along with symbols denoting Julian dates. Important holidays, weekends, and workdays are marked in the calendar.  Order now to get the lowest guaranteed price on the product.

Key features of Contractor Memo Calendar, Blue & Black

  • Size: 18″ x 25″
  • Price includes custom imprinting on each sheet
  • Durable tinned top binding
  • Sturdy loop for hanging
  • High-quality custom printed commercial 12-sheet calendar
  • December top sheet (13th sheet) included
  • Guaranteed lowest price

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  • Grand Total: $0.00

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