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Your wristband will be presented with an eye-catching message. For events and promotional purposes, we deliver quality wristbands. There are a variety of items such as silicone bands, rubber bracelets, paper wristbands, embossed bands and many more. We follow detailed instructions and try to make your bracelets perfect. You can go through the following frequently asked questions clear your doubts about return, refund, tracking and cancellation policy.

General Information

We are a located in USA.

Go to the order now page and get an instant quote before you place your first order. Any special requests from customers will be entertained through the mail.

The wristbands are made of 100% silicone without any latex. We would be more than happy to send you a test report via email.

For debossed, printed, blank, 1 inch, ¾ inch and dual-layered wristbands there is no minimum quantity specified. However, in case of the colour filled, embossed, figured and embossed printed wristbands you have to place an order of minimum 20 pieces.

If you choose standard delivery, the turnaround time taken is 7 days for production and another 7 days for shipping. However, for RUSH orders, we strive to finish it off within 2 business days. For convenience, the exact delivery dates are also guaranteed by us.

For a wristband, the front and back messages are on the same side but for a bracelet, it is half and half. The part of the bracelet that touches your skin has an internal message.

We have the extra-large size i.e., 8.5’’ to 216 mm. You can call us directly to order this size. For most adults, the 8’’ to 202 mm wristbands are used. The medium size is 7.5’’ to 192mm is mainly used for females and you have to call us directly to order this size. Size 7’’ to 180 mm is used for teenagers mostly. For toddlers, size 6’’ to 152 mm is perfect. Note that this is the circumference of the silicone wristbands. Their width ranges from 12 mm to 25mm and varies accordingly with the style.

For custom size, contact our sales team.

Till the time you don’t have multiple sizes, we don’t charge any mould fee.

Yes, it is made with laser engraved technology. We have a size limit of 90 mm for the imprinted message on laser engraved wristbands. However, the message will be legible for laser cut solid band colours. In dark, if it is a glowing band, the message cannot be displayed.

We do accept online orders. Other than that, you can call us at (315) 944-2453 and place your order. The other options include chat and through email.

As long as the order has not gone to production, you can call in our customer service number, (315) 944-2453 and inform them about the necessary changes.

The default is left indent for all the above-mentioned material unless there is some special instruction from the client.

The answer is yes. There is no company in the market offering a lower price as well as a faster turnaround time. Our recent promotional technique offers a gift to customers who have ordered more than a hundred pieces.

The thickness is 0.65 MM for polyester, heat transfer as well as nylon lanyards. For woven lanyards, it is 0.5 MM and 2 MM for tube lanyards.
It solely depends on the gradation of colours and the complexity of the artwork. The factory will notify the extra expenses post proof.


You can upload your artwork or browse through some of the clip arts that we provide.

It is because the colours shown in the proof are not exact, they are approximate. The clarity also differs in different monitors. PANTONE colour number is used by us for mixing colours.

You can select the “Other” option from the font list and manually enter the font name that you wish to use. For the final printing, we will use that one only.

We have a character limitation of up to 44 for each band. You will automatically be prompted by the system if it exceeds.

Any colour can be used from the provided colour chart which consists of more than 500 options.

Digital Proof

For a better and more convenient experience, we offer free proof before you decide to purchase. After filling up your order details, the preview option (SEE DESIGN- PAY LATER) will be available while checking out. The proof will be sent once the order is submitted along with the payment and approval link. After that, you can pay via credit card or PayPal.

No. The customer is free to make as many changes as they want before approval.

Reply to the mail that has been sent with the proof and specify your requirements. A revised proof will be sent shortly for your approval.

It will be sent to you within 4-6 hours.

It is nothing but a digitalized image of your final product. Before we start the manufacturing process, we will show you the image for approval.

You can reply to the mail and confirm the proof. Then only we will start working on it.

Refund / Cancellations

If the order has not gone into production, we will charge a fee of $10. However, no cancellation request will be accepted if the order is already in production because of all the mould and material cost. You can change the proof 3 times after which a fee of 50$ will be added. If you make frequent changes, per modification will cost $5. The delivery and production time will start after complete approval and payment.

Contact our sales team and they shall provide helpful assistance in this matter.

If there is an error on our part, we will redo the entire batch without any extra charges.

Payment Information

The acceptable payment modes are Master card, VISA, Discover and American Express. However, PayPal is also acceptable. Other than that, customers can also mail a check. We accept purchase orders for schools, non-profit organizations and government organizations.

No sales tax, customs or brokerage fee is charged by us.

Follow the usual instructions by going to the order now page and selecting your specifications. In the checkout page after entering your shipping and billing details, click on the “Pay by check” option. After that, you will receive an order number which you need to input on your PO and fax in an official school/ government organization to this number- (xxx)-xxx-xxxx.

Shipping / Production

You will be provided with full details of the shipping cost in the order now page. It generally depends on the number of products in your order.

Only physical addresses are accepted for shipping.

A week’s time is taken for production and another round of 7 days for shipping. You can also choose to expedite your order.

We have a track record of 98% of our packages being delivered on the specified date.

We levy extra rush production charges on Tyvek, plastic and vinyl. It depends on our schedule which the factory can confirm.


Give us a call at (315) 944-2453 to get live updates. You can also use live chat. After shipment, you will get a tracking number.

Special Requests

You surely can. For splitting the sizes, we charge a mould fee of $40. Any such requests can be specified in the special instructions section.

Multiple separate orders have to be placed for this.

For a one-time change, we charge an additional fee of $10.

You can follow the steps in the order now page for this.

Yes, but the message has to remain intact.

If the front and back message is printed on the opposite of each other then the metal holder will cover it after getting upgraded to keychains. Therefore, this particular technique has to be avoided by us for good. However, we have to adjust the spacing accordingly. Separate moulds are suggested by us if you require front and back messages opposite to each other.

In this case, the letters are lifted and also each one has a different colour.

Types of Wristbands

In this case, the text or logo is engraved into the band. In case a different colour needs to be chosen, the customer needs to select the colour filled ones.

It is the same as the previous one but has the colour of your choice.

These are nothing but with screen prints on the surface of bands.

For a one-time change, we charge an additional fee of $10.

Discount Coupons

We do not provide any additional discount. However, our prices are guaranteed to be the lowest in the market with the current promotional offer of a gift for an order placed of 100 pcs or more.

Due to the high cost of mould material, we don’t keep it usually. It is melted by us for using in other orders.


The prices displayed on the order now page is already discounted.

Yes, it will exactly be the same. Even if there are multiple colours, we will make the split carefully. However, it is only available for silicone bands and not in case of Tyvek, vinyl or plastic.

Yes, it is possible. You need to specify your instructions in the special instructions area.

Other Queries

We have been in this business since the last many years and have also gained a reputed position in the market. For trust, we advise our customers to pay using PayPal so that they can dispute the order and secure their payment in case of any error because it offers 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Yes, most definitely the order can be placed online and dropped off to your customer directly.

We maintain transparency with charges. The site will display the total many times during the checkout process before the completion of your order. No extra charges will be levied.
Yes, certainly we ship internationally.
We can make any other item in silicone. Please mail us your special requests for further assistance.
Only 100% silicone is available from us.
No such types of bands are available at ours. However, send us your request in writing through the mail and we will reach back to you within a day.
256-bit encryption is used by us where any form of data transfer is fully secure. For more information on the SSL certificate, you can click on the SSL verified logo.
Glitter can fall off easily and we cannot guarantee that it would stick to the writing.

If there is any other query that is not solved by the above statement, reach us at (315) 944 2453 or email us at directly. We shall respond positively within a day.

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